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VBS Themes, Resources, and Ideas

Theme: Board Game / Card Game

Recommended Colors: Yellow, Red, Purple
Other Ideas: Checkerboard, Arrows

Theme: Outer Space / Galaxy / Astronaut

Recommended Colors: Purple, Silver, Yellow
Other Ideas: Planets, Stars, Robots

Theme: Daniel & the 3 Hebrew Children / Bible times (OT)

Recommended Colors: gold, beige, tan, black
Other Ideas: lions, gold, fire, palms, sand

Theme: dogs & cats (pets) & park

Recommended Colors: blue, green
Other Ideas: animal print, outdoors, grass, sky

Theme: castle / knights / medieval

Recommended Colors: purple, green, red, silver
Other Ideas: shields, dragons, royalty, stone

Theme: super hero / underground hideout

Recommended Colors: green, orange, teal
Other Ideas: meerkats

Theme: picnic / food

Recommended Colors: yellow, pink, purple, green
Other Ideas: chalk menu board / vector food clipart

Theme: bike / rollerblades, skateboard

Recommended Colors: brights, pink, yellow, neon
Other Ideas: GPS, city, grunge

Theme: Miami Vice / sports

Recommended Colors: florescent pink, neon green, light blue
Other Ideas: flamingos, cityscape, skyline

Theme: creation / dinosaurs

Recommended Colors: green, orange, blue
Other Ideas: volcano, jungle

Theme: Aerial / Flight

Recommended Colors: blue, green, yellow
Other Ideas: airplane, parachute, clouds, butterflies, hourglass

Theme: African safari

Recommended Colors: green, orange, animal prints
Other Ideas: jeeps, bamboo, wild animals

Theme: spark / science experiements

Recommended Colors: blue, green, orange, yellow
Other Ideas: futuristic, technology, computer chips


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