Perforated Paper

Need Perforated Paper?

We can perforate bulletin & newsletter paper. When torn apart at the perforation, your church can receive a reply portion. The reply portion can be used as means of response for the congregation.

Standard and most common Perforations are shown below. However, we will put the perforations at another measurement if you wish for no additional charge; just tell us when you place your order. Prices for Perforated Paper are listed with each paper type throughout this catalog. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


Eliminate Inserts

Each bulletin has a perforated tear off portion used for:

  • Visitor/Member Info
  • Prayer Requests
  • Talent/Interest Info
  • Pledges
  • Special Occasions/Meal Reservations
  • Weekly Schedule

Receive information easier

  • Everyone will take a bulletin and then have the means for response.
  • Change reply portion weekly to suit current needs.