Short Grain Paper

Welcome Book-Binders!

In a world increasingly reliant on digital media, the tactile nature of a beautifully bound book holds a unique enchantment. The weight of the book in your hands, the sound of the pages turning, and the gentle aroma of ink and paper awaken a sensory experience unparalleled by digital reading. Let's embark together on this journey of rediscovery, reviving the lost art of bookbinding and infusing our literary world with beauty and charm once more.

Returning Guests - Please Note!

> Orders are now PER REAM (500 sheets), not 1,000 sheets as before (which is why we require 2 minimum)
> All papers are custom-cut, short-grain from parent sheets (no longer 11x17 cut in half)
> This is the new home for book binding & short grain options (bookmark this link)
> We're excited to announce, we've increased your paper selection from 6 to 30+ (Note: updated SKUs)

11 x 8.5″ White

Choice of Weights: 20/50lb. and 24/60lb.
Brands like Williamsburg & Church Paper

11 x 8.5″ Off-White

Choice of Colors: Cream, Warm White, and Ivory
Weights: 20/50lb. and 24/60lb.
Brands like Hammermill, Accent, & Church Paper

11 x 8.5″ Premium

Choice of Colors: UltraWhite, White, and Soft White
Weights: 24/60lb. and 28/70lb.
Finishes: Eggshell and Vellum
Brands like Mohawk SuperFine & Via

Oversized Options

Choice of Sizes: 12 x 9 – 14 x 8.5 – 17 x 11 – 18 x 12
Colors: White, Cream, and Warm White
Weights: 20/50lb. and 24/60lb.
Brands like Hammermill, Williamsburg, Accent, & Via

For Special Requests & Orders outside the US

Yes, we ship to Alaska, Hawaii, & Internationally! ~ Send us your info (address, items ordering, etc.) & we'll email you a quote and a pay-now link.
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