Volunteer flyer created using premium perforated paperNonprofits and charities rely on effective communication to promote community events. Crafting creative DIY flyers not only saves costs but also allows these organizations to showcase their causes authentically. Discover how Church Paper can help you design compelling flyers for your next community event.

Designing Compelling Flyers:
  • Tell a Story: Use visuals and concise messaging to tell a compelling story about your cause >> here’s a great, quick article with practical helps
  • Include a Call-to-Action: Encourage community involvement by clearly stating what action you want the audience to take.
  • Highlight Impact: Showcase the positive impact of community support with engaging visuals.
    Again, we recommend Canva for simple, creative templates: here are a few

DIY Printing Tips

Printing your nonprofit flyers is a breeze with these DIY tips:

  • Optimize for Digital Printing: Church Paper’s high-quality paper is perfect for digital printing, ensuring vivid colors and sharp details.
    – Browse our selection of digital print paper that’s ultra bright and crisp for maximum color
  • Consider Size and Finish: Choose the right size and finish for your flyers to make a lasting impression.
    – We offer 3-up and 4-up pre-perforated postcards – just print & tear apart (it’s sooooo satisfying!!!)
    BONUS: we carry dozens of different colors & sizes of pre-perforated door hangers, too!

Affordable and Impactful Flyers

With Church Paper’s affordable options, nonprofits can create impactful flyers without exceeding their budget. Select from our range of paper and cardstock to match your organization’s values.

Ready to make a difference with compelling flyers? Explore our selection of premium paper at Church Paper. Experience the ease of DIY flyer creation with our guidance. Contact us at 800-626-5222 for personalized assistance and quick turnaround times.