Paper colors offered by Church PaperIn an era of digital dominance, the steady decline of colored, multi-purpose copy paper might seem inevitable. Paper mills and manufacturers have been phasing out these vibrant alternatives, favoring plain white for its perceived simplicity and universality. However, amidst this trend, Church Paper, a leading paper company, is defying the norm by embracing colors such as gray, tan, ivory, peach, and orchid, ensuring that the unique charm of colored paper remains accessible to individuals, churches, businesses, schools, and more.

The shift towards plain white paper has largely been driven by corporate environments (where monotone documents are perceived as more professional and serious) and by desktop, digital publishing (where color inks are more accessible). Furthermore, bottom-line-minded initiatives have encouraged the streamlining of paper milling, further marginalizing colored options. As a result, colored paper’s market share dwindled, pushing several manufacturers to discontinue their production altogether. Browse Custom Colored Paper HERE

“By preserving the production and availability of colored paper, Church Paper exemplifies its dedication to supporting creativity and self-expression while honoring tradition. In a world gradually letting go of colored paper, Church Paper stands firm, ensuring that these vivid options continue to be a vibrant canvas for ideas, messages, and inspirations for years to come.”

Recognizing the importance of variety, Church Paper took on the challenge to meet the demand for colored paper. Understanding that churches, businesses, schools, and creative individuals cherish the expressive potential of colored paper, the company decided to have it special made and ensured its continuous availability in stock.

Church Paper’s commitment to offering colors like gray, tan, ivory, peach, and orchid provides organizations with a chance to infuse their communication with personality and warmth. In educational settings, colored paper can help emphasize key points and engage students, enhancing the learning experience. Additionally, for churches, colored paper allows for cost-effective, vibrant and eye-catching flyers, invitations, and programs that leave a lasting impression on attendees. SHOP Full Color Inventory