Multi-color paper rolls for VBS Decorations Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a cherished summer tradition for many churches, providing an engaging way to teach children about faith through stories, activities, and crafts. A visually appealing and thematic environment can significantly enhance the VBS experience, making the stories and lessons even more memorable. Whether you’re crafting a jungle safari, a cosmic exploration, or a historical biblical setting, the right decorations and crafts can transport children to another world. Here are ten innovative ideas for VBS decorations and crafts, utilizing decorative-designed paper rolls, solid-color paper rolls for backdrops and halls, construction paper for hands-on crafts, and easy-to-assemble Bible craft kits that will make your VBS truly special.

1. Create Immersive Backdrops with Paper Rolls

Transform your VBS space into a biblical landscape or thematic adventure using decorative-designed and solid-color paper rolls. A desert oasis, a starry night, or a lush garden scene can set the stage for your stories and activities.

How-To: Measure your space and cut paper rolls to fit. Use double-sided tape or removable adhesive hooks to secure the paper to walls without damage. Layer different colors or designs to add depth and interest.

Design rolls for creative VBS decoration ideas2. Doorway to Adventure

Welcome children each day through a specially decorated door that matches your VBS theme. This is their entry point to the day’s adventure and a great way to spark excitement.

How-To: Cover doorways with solid-color paper rolls and add cut-out shapes or characters from construction paper. Think about creating a “portal” look for a cosmic theme or a “jungle arch” for a safari theme.

3. Bible Story Murals

Engage the kids in creating large murals depicting stories they’ve learned. This not only reinforces the lesson but also allows for a collaborative art project.

How-To: Tape large pieces of paper rolls to the wall at kid-height. Sketch the outline of a biblical scene lightly in pencil, then let the kids paint or color in the mural over the course of VBS.

4. Craft Stations with Construction Paper

Set up craft stations where kids can use construction paper in various colors and sizes to create their own take-home crafts related to the day’s lessons. This could range from simple animal masks for Noah’s Ark to angels for the Nativity story.

How-To: Pre-cut shapes for younger children to assemble easily. Provide glue sticks, markers, and embellishments like glitter, stickers, or fabric scraps for decoration.

5. Easy-to-Assemble Bible Craft KitsEasy-to-Assemble Bible Craft Kits

For a fuss-free craft option, provide easy-to-assemble Bible craft kits. These can be specific to your VBS theme or more generally focused on key Bible stories and lessons. Check out our selection here.

How-To: Select kits that require minimal adult supervision and can be completed within your VBS craft time. Lay out all materials and instructions at each craft station for easy access.

6. Versatile Paper Chains

Use construction paper or cut strips from paper rolls to make paper chains. These can decorate hallways, frame bulletin boards, or highlight different areas of your VBS space.

How-To: Cut strips of paper about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. Loop the strips and secure them with glue or staples, linking each new strip through the last to create a chain.

7. Themed Photo Booth

Create a photo booth with a fun backdrop and props related to your VBS theme. This is a great way for kids to remember their VBS experience and share it with their families.

How-To: Use a solid-color paper roll as the backdrop. Add themed decorations or cut-outs. Provide costumes or props for kids to dress up and take pictures.

8. Interactive Story Boards

Make interactive story boards where children can add elements (like characters or objects) to a scene as they hear a Bible story. This helps with visualization and retention.

How-To: Cover bulletin boards with paper rolls as the background. Use Velcro strips on the back of laminated construction paper cut-outs so kids can move them around on the story board.

VBS Decorations | Solid Color Paper Rolls9. Pathway to Lessons

Create a pathway on the floor with paper rolls leading kids to different stations or areas. This can help with organization and flow, especially in large spaces.

How-To: Use contrasting colors of paper rolls cut into shapes like footprints, arrows, or stepping stones. Secure them to the floor with painter’s tape.

10. Take-Home Memory Books

Use construction paper to create simple memory books where kids can record what they’ve learned, stick pictures, or draw their own illustrations from the VBS week.

How-To: Fold large construction paper in half to create a booklet. Staple the spine. Provide markers, stickers, and glue for kids to personalize their books each day.

Wrapping It Up

With these ten ideas for VBS decorations and crafts, you’re well on your way to creating an unforgettable Vacation Bible School experience that will not only decorate your space but also spark creativity and reinforce faith lessons in engaging, memorable ways. Remember, the goal is to create an environment where children feel immersed in the stories and teachings, and where the lessons of faith are brought vividly to life. Happy crafting!