Cardstock paper, with its sturdy composition and versatility, is a canvas waiting to be transformed into unique creations. This comprehensive guide dives into the world of cardstock, exploring different weights, uses, and how customization can cater to the specific needs of churches, restaurants, and law offices.

Hammermill cardstock printer paper - heavyUnderstanding Cardstock Weights

Cardstock comes in various weights, measured in pounds (lb) or grams per square meter (gsm). Understanding these weights is crucial for selecting the right type for your project.

Lightweight (60-80 lb / 160-216 gsm):
– Ideal for lightweight projects such as brochures and flyers.
– Offers flexibility and is easy to fold.

Medium Weight (90-110 lb / 240-300 gsm):
– Perfect for business cards, invitations, and presentation materials.
– Strikes a balance between flexibility and durability.

Hammermill cardstock printer paper - colorHeavyweight (120 lb and above / 325 gsm and above):
– Provides maximum durability and stiffness.
– Suitable for projects like postcards, covers, and high-quality prints.

Cardstock Applications in Different Industries


Programs and Bulletins:
– Use medium-weight cardstock for weekly programs and special event bulletins.
– Customization allows for incorporating church branding and themes.

Announcement Cards:
– Create personalized announcement cards for baptisms, weddings, and special events.
– Heavyweight cardstock ensures a durable keepsake.


Menu Cards:
– Design eye-catching menus with heavy cardstock for a professional and durable finish.
– Custom printing allows for showcasing the restaurant’s unique style.

Table Tents:
– Utilize medium-weight cardstock for table tents highlighting specials or promotions.
– Custom sizes and cuts ensure they fit seamlessly into the restaurant’s aesthetic.

*Law Offices & Real Estate Agencies:

Heaviest cardstock printer paper weight from hammermill Business Cards:
– Opt for medium to heavyweight cardstock for durable and impressive business cards.
– Custom printing allows for incorporating the firm’s logo and contact details.

Legal Document Covers:
– Choose heavyweight cardstock for professional and protective legal document covers.
– Custom cuts can include the firm’s name or logo for branding.

The Power of Customization

Customization is the key to unlocking the full potential of cardstock paper.

– Add your organization’s logo, colors, and messaging for a consistent brand identity.

Size and Cut:
– Tailor the size and cut to fit your specific project requirements.

Quantity and Printing:
– Order the exact quantity you need and explore custom printing options for a personalized touch.

Cardstock printer paper, with its diverse weights and customization options, is a versatile medium for creative expression. Whether you’re enhancing the ambiance of a restaurant, communicating important information in a church setting, or adding a professional touch to legal documents, cardstock offers endless possibilities. Call 800-626-5222 or visit to embark on your journey of crafting custom cardstock creations. Elevate your projects with the strength and sophistication that only personalized cardstock can provide. Craft, impress, and captivate with cardstock solutions tailored to your unique needs.