Impactful school event poster using premium cardstock paperSchool events are a fantastic way to engage the community, but capturing attention requires eye-catching posters. Designing impactful event posters doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially with Church Paper by your side. Let’s explore how you can create visually-appealing posters on a budget.

Budget-Friendly Design Strategies:

  • Utilize Free Design Tools: Leverage online design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark for user-friendly, cost-effective design.
    – Canva has a ton of great templates – Check ’em Out!
    – We like this site for creative ideas to get the juices flowing: American Board Blog
  • DIY Illustrations: Create simple and engaging illustrations that reflect the event’s theme.
    – We LOVE “I Should Be Mopping…” for some beautiful, home-grown drawings – Click Here
  • Incorporate Vibrant Colors: Use bold colors to grab attention without the need for expensive printing.
    – Shhhh! Can we tell you a secret…? Get tons of free textures & backgrounds in a wide range of formats from


Many office copiers & printers will allow 12×18″ (some even go up to 13×19″) paper & cardstock! You’d be surprised how much bigger that looks compared to 11×17 – it’s actually 15.5% BIGGER!
Shop our selection of 12×18″ paper here.

Affordable Printing Options: Printing your posters on a budget is easy with these options:

  • Bulk Printing: Take advantage of discounts for bulk printing (500+).
  • Digital Printing: Cost-effective for smaller quantities, ensuring high-quality prints.
  • Don’t Stress! With one call or email, let us handle the heavy lifting. We’ll get you the best quote & ship it to your door.

DIY Approach for School Branding: Empower your school’s brand identity with DIY posters that reflect its spirit and values. Customize templates available at Church Paper to effortlessly create posters that resonate with your audience.

Encouraging Student Involvement: Involve students in the design process to foster creativity and a sense of ownership. It’s a fantastic way to showcase the school’s community spirit.

Ready to create impactful school event posters on a budget? Visit for a range of budget-friendly paper options. Experience the simplicity of DIY poster creation with our selection of large-format paper & cardstock paper. Contact us at 800-626-5222 to learn more about our exceptional customer service & lightning-fast turn around.